Acme TC Cladding

Acme TC Cladding terra cotta panels offer durability and low maintenance, while providing a sleek, contemporary appearance to a building's exterior. Compared with traditional masonry construction, TC Cladding is considerably lighter weight allowing for less onsite labor. Acme TC Cladding installs in all weather conditions using multiple methods, including the Fast Track Stone systemThe Fast Track Stone system does not require a concrete footing to support the weight of the masonry, resulting in considerable savings. Standard panel sizes are 1.18”x16”x36” or 1.18”x16”x48” and can be cut at the job site with a wet-cut masonry saw. Acme TC Cladding terra cotta panels are manufactured to strict tolerances in an ISO9001-certified plant, ensuring trouble-free installation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Panels only 1.18" thick
  • 2 standard face dimensions: 16”x36” & 16”x48”
  • Cut to desired length at job site with a wet-cut masonry saw
  • 15 standard colors
  • Manufactured to strict tolerances in ISO9001-certified facility, for trouble-free installation
  • Compatible with Fast Track Stone and other installation methods
  • Can be used interchangeably with stone panels in Fast Track Stone installation

Acme Brick

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