Adjustable Fusion Pan Kit

The Adjustable Fusion Pan Kit is a curbless shower pan system that simplifies European Wet Room installations. Its unique “zero degree concept” provides a flat surface from the shower pan to the door jamb with no buildup of the floor. The pan is load-bearing and is installed directly on the joists, replacing the subfloor. Fusion pans are pre-sloped to the drain, saving time and eliminating uncertainty. After waterproofing and tiling, the shower and surrounding floor remain level. The pan can be modified or cut on the job site to create custom applications or solutions to installation problems. The adjustable disc at the center of the pan allows the installer to rotate the drainage point 360° to avoid joists or other obstructions. Simply place the pan where it will be installed and rotate the adjustable wheel until the drain is clear of any joists.

Features & Benefits:

  • Supports large or small format tile options and vinyl flooring
  • Formed from SMC (a type of Glass Reinforced Plastic) and has a webbed core
  • Extremely tough and rigid; load bearing up to 660 pounds with basic bracing
  • Extra bracing substantially increases the load capacity
  • Can be installed on wood joists, on subfloor, recessed in concrete, and surface mounted on concrete
  • Can be trimmed in the field up to the solid surround with a circular saw, making it very customizable
  • Comes with liquid waterproof membrane, crack isolation tape, and the appropriate drain 7/8” thick 
  • 4 pitch planes with built in gradients/slope ensure effective drainage
  • Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Used in wood frame construction and concrete applications
  • 35% Trade Discount for Builders & Contractors

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Adjustable Fusion Pan Kit - European Wet Room

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