ClearPath Curbless Shower Pan System

The ClearPath® Curbless Shower Pan System makes it easy for builders and remodelers to meet the demand of aging homeowners who desire a shower that is easy in/easy out and ADA compliant. The foundation of the ClearPath starts with the TI-ProBoard and the ClearPath Drain Plate.  TI-ProBoard is a composite structural underlayment that offers the ability to install ClearPath directly on top of the floor joists.  No more costly and structural liabilities in modifying floor joists in order to achieve level entry designs.  TI-ProBoard offers a Commercial Floor Rating and can be cut to size and installed with standard tools.  The ClearPath Drain Plate comes with integrated drain assembly and offers flexibility in positioning of plumbing. The drain plate is also pre-pitched and serves as a template for proper sloping of the thin-bed that gets applied on top of the TI-ProBoard base.

Features & Benefits:

  • Slope can be designed to meet ADA slope or standard plumbing slope requirements
  • UPC rated drain
  • Strong, structural underlayment; TI-ProBoard
  • Drains are pre-sealed in drain plate
  • No cutting into joists
  • May be installed over engineered joists, like Glulam®, TJI®, ALLJOIST®, etc...
  • Reduces weight of mud bed
  • Helps seniors maintain independence
  • Made in USA

Kit Includes:

  • ClearPath Drain Plate with integrated drain & Drain Riser (Drain Grate sold separately)
  • Enough TI-ProBoard for a 4’, 5’, 6', & 8’ square showers
  • Perimeter Edge Protector
  • Fasteners
  • PE Waterproof Sheet Membrane

How to Install

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