Colonial Seam Roof Panels

Colonial Seam is a clipless, one-piece, positive-locking, standing seam panel that provides a timeless residential roof appearance. Installation is accomplished by hooking the panel into the previous panel and fastening with mechanical fasteners through pre-punched slots to allow for expansion and contraction. The fasteners are covered by the adjacent panel. The positive locking action makes it virtually impossible for the panels to slide apart. The panel provides a traditional standing seam appearance, creating an attractive alternative to other roofing materials. It provides the benefits of metal roofing with ease of installation, weather and fire resistance and low maintenance.  Colonial Seam also helps to lower energy consumption and can reduce energy bills by reflecting up to 70% of the sun's energy resulting in less heat being transferred into the house.

Above All You Need a Great RoofFeatures & Benefits:

  • Available in widths of 12-3/8” and 16-3/8” with a 1” seam height
  • Available in .032 aluminum and 24 gauge galvalume steel
  • Single source warranty protection
  • Can be installed on any solid surface with a minimum slope of 3:12
  • Pre-punched slots allow for expansion and contraction, and fast installation
  • Concealed fasteners, covered by the adjacent panel
  • Positive locking action makes it virtually impossible for panels to slip apart
  • 50 year limited warranty
  • PVDF paint finish applied in manufacturer's facility
  • Economical solution for new construction and re-roofing

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