778 Silicone Liquid Flashing

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Dow Corning® 778 Silicone Liquid Flashing provides a weatherproof seal at window and door openings, as well as other building transitions. Extended tooling time, primerless adhesion to cut sheathing edges and rugged cured properties make it an ideal choice for general purpose sealing requirements for transition details behind the exterior facade. As a fluid applied flashing, 778 is easier to use than non-fluid alternatives when sealing difficult details. The 778 Silicone Liquid Flashing is part of the Dow Corning DefendAir Silicone Air Barrier System. With full silicone compatibility, Dow Corning ® DefendAir 200 may be applied over or beneath Dow Corning 778 Silicone Liquid Flashing for a continuous air and weather barrier.


  • Compatible with Dow Corning Silicone Air Barrier System
  • Compatible with other weather barrier types including self-adhering and liquid-applied membranes
  • Long tooling time to facilitate workfl ow when prepping a whole window opening
  • High durometer for abrasion resistance
  • No primer required over cut edge gypsum board
  • Simple two-step installation process
  • Durable, fl exible silicone chemistry
  • Long-term UV resistance
  • Application down to -20°F


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