Dust Muzzle Ultra

Vertical Tabs

The Dust Muzzle Ultra contains and collects 99% of the airborne pollutants created when using a right angle sander. The side-mounted vacuum pickup uses the centrifugal forces created by the grinding wheel to send the pollutants out the exhaust port. This method requires much less vacuum power than top mounted designs. The Dust Muzzle Ultra is connected to an industrial 2hp vacuum by a lightweight step-down hose for ease of motion. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Great for grinding concrete, wood, paint & epoxies
  • Can be used with sandpaper, diamond cup wheels, wet-or-dry polishing pads and soft pad discs
  • Fits all pneumatic and electric grinders using discs from 4" to 8" in diameter
  • Works well with sanding discs, silica carbide wheels and soft pad sanders
  • Adapts for cutting, crack chasing and tuck pointing with 4"-5" diamond blades
  • Up to 99% efficient when used with a 2hp industrial vacuum system
  • Installs in Minutes

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