Dustless Sander and Wet+Dry Vacuum

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The Dustless Sander and Wet+Dry DustlessVac™ are the ideal tools for maintaining a dust-free workplace. The sander can extend to 6 feet, allowing easy access to difficult, out-of-reach spots. The Dustless Sander was created for contractors who are looking for a multi-surface, lightweight, light-duty drywall sander that can reach into tight places and corners. The simple design of the orbital sanding head eliminates the need for an electric motor mounted on the pole and greatly reduces the system's weight. Air is pulled through channels on all four sides of the sanding head to capture 99% of the drywall dust at its point of origin. For the most complete clean, use the Dustless Sander with the Wet+Dry DustlessVac. The patented Wet+Dry DustlessVac is the only vacuum that allows you to go from wet to dry without changing filters. A baffle inside the barrel keeps the water away from the filters and a check ball prevents overfilling—making cleanup faster and easier.

Dustless Sander Features & Benefits: 

  • Capture 99% of airborne drywall dust
  • Reach tight spaces and corners
  • Easily converts into a hand sander
  • Sand and clean as you go with orbital head
  • Extend to out-of-reach heights with adjustable 6' pole
  • Powered by the air flow from the vacuum
  • Can also be used with your own vacuum

Wet+Dry DustlessVac™ Features & Benefits:  

  • Go from wet to dry without changing filters
  • Clean messes big and small: concrete, stone, fiberglass, drywall, slurry
  • Uses cloth-style filters—excellent for non-hazardous materials
  • Filters can be cleaned by agitating a rod on the outside of the vacuum
  • Large capacity barrel easily holds 40 lbs. of dust
  • Low long-term upkeep costs
  • Powerful 11.5 amp motor provides strong suction
  • Wunderbag Micro Pre-filter extends life of inner and outer filters (optional)
  • Wunderbag Micro Pre-filter works in wet and/or dry applications (optional)


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