LeakBarrier EasyLay

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LeakBarrier EasyLay™is a next-generation hybrid roofing underlayment that combines the value of traditional asphalt saturated felts with the performance of synthetic underlayments. EasyLay is a durable, high performance, polyester-based underlayment that is manufactured by coating a polyester fabric with time-proven, moisture-resistant asphalt to provide excellent weatherability and handling. EasyLay is used in asphalt shingle, shake, slate, tile and metal roofing applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent tensile/tear strength and puncture resistance
  • Complies with Florida Building Code High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements
  • Significantly more durable than synthetic underlayments
  • Asphalt coating allows EasyLay to seal around fasteners
  • Lays flat – does not wrinkle
  • No possibility of delamination as in plastic-based synthetics
  • Non-skid surface provides walkability for slopes up to 10:12, wet or dry
  • Versatile upper surface compatible with selfadhering membranes
  • Algae, fungi and mold resistant
  • Resistant to rot and decay - does not degrade with time
  • Packaged like traditional felt
  • Does not require the use of plastic cap fasteners - can use roofing nails, pneumatic nailers or plastic cap systems
  • Very pliable - easily conforms to rooftop peaks and valleys
  • Approved as an underlayment by metal and tile manufacturers
  • Suitable surface for foam application of tiles
  • Excellent UV resistance - Can be left exposed for up to 6 months without compromising performance
  • UL Class A Fire Rating
  • Meets ASTM D226
  • Florida Building Code Approval FL #10450-R4
  • Miami-Dade County Approval - NOA No. 12-0420.02
  • ICC-ES ESR #2634
  • 25 year Limited Warranty

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