Solstice PV System

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CertainTeed's Solstice PV System uses only the most advanced components to create one of the most efficient, affordable solar systems for the home. Available in several configurations, including aesthetically pleasing all-black panels and low-profile mounting frames to better blend in with the roof. Specialty roof mounts are designed for secure solar panel positioning and waterproofing. Several inverter options are available to optimize the solar available on the roof.

Features & Benefits:

  • Optional monitoring systems allows homeowner to see the amount of electricity the system is producing and how much money is being saved.
  • 25 year power generation warranty.
  • UL 1703 approved
  • Solar financing options available in select regions
  • Homes with solar have higher resale values and sell more quickly
  • Adding one solar system is equivalent to taking one car off the road.
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