StareCasing Hardwood Overlay System

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The StareCasing™ Hardwood Overlay System gives the look of hardwood stairs, without the high price tag. Just measure, cut and install with no messy demolition. The StareCasing stair overlay system uses only 100% genuine hardwood. In a matter of hours, you can convert carpeted stairs to hardwood without the cost or hassle of total reconstruction. The patented tread and riser overlays fit over the existing staircase like a glove. It works on prefab stairs or ANY closed-end wood stair tread. The StareRiser can be pre-finished to match the StareTread or primed for a smooth paintable surface.

Features/Benefits:StareCasing Hardwood Overlay System 

  • Milled from solid natural hardwood
  • Slightly oversized to accommodate an exact fit
  • Absolutely no demolition or reconstruction
  • Cost effective
  • Durable, long lasting, low maintenance, easy to clean, and allergy safe
  • Comes in a variety of species, finishes and stains
  • Available pre-finished, custom color matched or unfinished
  • 30-year warranty


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StareCasin Hardwood Overlay System

StareCasing™ Hardwood Overlay System

StareCasin Hardwood Overlay System

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